Cryptography - The basis for security in digitization


An important focus of ATHENE's cryptography research is currently on the next generation of cryptography which is to be secure against strong attackers with quantum computers as well. Such powerful quantum computers are expected to be available in the coming years and will make it possible to break many of the currently used cryptographic methods such as RSA and ECC. Against this background, ATHENE deals with the analysis, development and implementation of new types of cryptographic procedures that will both withstand the computing power of a quantum computer and be secure against classic attacks.

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ATHENE researchers participate in the DemoQuanDT project for building secure quantum key distribution between Bonn and Berlin

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Cryptographic Migration & Agility

An open community site for sharing any relevant research, findings, and solutions on PQC migration and cryptographic agility

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Highlight Talk

Prof. Marc Fischlin presents the analysis of NIST's post-quantum signature scheme candidates.

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